Kaiser 2480 prolite LED 57/37 Light Box - 57 x 37cm


The Kaser 2480 prolite LED professional light box is for illuminating transparent originals of all types, e.g. slides, negatives, X-rays and microfiches.

It is an ideal lightbox addition to a copy stand for film digitisation projects.

The prolite scan light boxes are designed primarily as a transmitted light source for digital image capturing tasks. They can be used universally in combination with all kinds of chip or scanning cameras and backs. They have uniform and colour correct illumination for viewing, sorting and photographic capturing (digitising) of slides and other transparent originals or of other materials.

The unit has 6mm T-slot on all four side sections for installation in systems and installations and for attaching accessories.

Illuminated area: 57 x 37cm
Light source: 270 SMD LEDs
Dimmable: Yes
Colour temperature: approx. 6000 Kelvin
Colour rendition index: CRI: 95
Light density: 10,000 cd/m²
Operating voltage: 24 V
Rated power: 58 W
Dimensions (WxHxD): 594 x 54 x 439mm
Weight: 5.14 kg

- prolite LED 57/37 light box
- mains adapter, mains lead
- two neodymium magnets
- two M6 square nuts

Product code KAI-2480

* This is an oversize item and may incur additional freight fees

Professional light box for transparent originals of all types, e.g. slides, negatives, X-rays and microfiches. Colour temperature 6000 Kelvin. 270SMD LEDs with high colour reproduction quality CRI = 95.

The new generation of prolite LED light boxes provides even more than colour-correct and uniform illumination.

Kaiser Fototechnik is known for high-quality backlight solutions for viewing, sorting, and photographic capture and digitization of slides, negatives, and other transparent originals. They are also regularly used in research, teaching and industry.

All four aluminum side sections of the prolite LED are equipped with a 6 mm T-slot to meet the high requirements in these different areas. Not only can the optional swivel bracket for set-up and wall mounting be fastened in it, but also numerous connecting parts for brace profile systems, e.g. for installation into other equipment.

The dimmable prolite LED is available in two sizes with illuminated areas of 37 x 25 cm and 50 x 37 cm respectively. The acrylic glass screens have been specially optimized for backlighting with LEDs and therefore provide a very homogeneous light distribution together with a high luminous efficiency. The maximum luminance of 9400 or 10000 cd/m² reaches similarly high values as with the Kaiser Scan light boxes.

prolite 2480 features summary:

High CRI LEDs: color temperature approx. 6000 Kelvin, color rendering index CRI: 95, flicker-free operation. Precise color rendering for inspection and photographic reproduction of originals.

Dimmer: brightness steplessly adjustable.

High-quality acrylic glass plate with particularly high transmission and also optimized light diffusion, cm and inch scales at the illuminated area.

Two strong neodymium magnets for fixing originals right next to the illuminated area.

Sturdy light metal housing with6 mm T-slot on all four side sections, compatible with various connecting and accessory parts for 6-slot profile systems. This enables installation in systems and installations as well as the attachment of accessories to the light box.

A sliding block in each of the T-slots of the short sides can be moved and locked, internal thread 5 mm, e.g. for fastening the optional swivel bracket.

Two square nuts with M6 (6 mm) thread for insertion into the T-slot of the side sections.

Non-slip rubber feet.

Power supply via included mains adapter (input: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, output: DC 24 V, 2.5 A).

Universal swivel bracket made of aluminum as optional accessory. Can be used both as a support bracket and for wall mounting of the light box.

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