Image Science Associates

ISA GoldenThread FADGI ISO 19264 Target & Golden Thread NXT software bundle (for Windows)


The Image Science Associates GoldenThread NXT System

• Analyses, Reports, and Remediates Image Capture Performance
• Analyses FADGI 19264 target including other ISA targets
• Can create colour profiles with Argyll or SpectraCore libraries and converts results to AD98, sRGB, ProPhoto, eciRGB colour space results.
• All-in-One FADGI star level displays with selectable color spaces
• Has selectable RGB or Colorimetric performance reporting
• Can produce context based FADGI star level reports.

Components can be purchased separately.

Product code ISA-GTXSYS

GoldenThread NXT System includes the new FADGI ISO 19264 compliant A4 target and one 1x size object level target. Included is the updated GoldenThread NXT software. The software enables the following in one single frame capture

Excellent color profiling (168 unique patches) with Argyll (free), BasICColor (for purchase), or SpectraCore (for purchase) profiling software.

  • Distortion measure
  • Lighting uniformity measure
  • Rastering and banding measure
  • SFR, color misregistration, etc. measures.
  • Horizontal & Vertical dimensional scales ( metric and English)

All targets are individually measured, numbered, and come housed in a folding protective case. Legacy CC24 color chroma patches are included.

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