HyperJuice 245W USB-C Battery Power Bank - Silver


World's Most Powerful USB-C Battery Pack.

Airline Safe 27000mAh with Dual USB-C (100W+60W) that can quick charge MacBook Pro & any USB-C laptop/device.

With two 100W Power Delivery ports and two 60W Power Delivery ports, you’ll have the ability to charge four devices like an M1 MacBook, an iPad, a DSLR camera, your iPhone, even a drone or a gaming console all at the same time.

Suitable for charging:
- MacBook Pro (various models)
- iPhones and iPads
- Phase One IQ4 digital backs
- FujiFilm GFX cameras

LED Display provides real-time battery information, charging status, battery capacity (in % and Wh), time to recharge, and individual USB-C port power usage with crystal clear clarity.

NOTE: You will need a USB-C charger to top up the battery. We recommend using your MacBook Pro USB-C charger. The Apple MX0J2X/A 96W USB-C Charger and MLL82AM/A USB-C Charge Cable found below are a suitable charging device.

Product code HJ245

Max Airline Safe 100Wh/27000mAh
Largest Li-ion battery capacity approved by TSA/EASA for air travel.

Dual USB-C (100W+60W) PD 3.0
HyperJuice delivers the 2 most powerful USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 profiles (100W and 60W) in a single battery pack.

Recharge HyperJuice in about 1 hour
With not one but two 100W USB-C PD input/output ports, you can recharge your battery in 1 hour with HyperJuice 245W GaN Charger or any 100W USB-C PD charger.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Enclosure
Minimalist aircraft grade aluminum design that matches the MacBook perfectly.

Quick charge MacBook, iPad, iPhone
Quick charge a large laptop (16" MacBook Pro), a midsize laptop/tablet (13" MacBook Pro, 12" MacBook, 12.9" iPad Pro) & a mobile device (iPad, iPhone) all at the same time!

Also works with any USB-C
Also charge any USB device like cameras, GoPros, headphones, speakers, VR headsets, Nintendo Switches & even Drones

Pass Through Charging
Recharge HyperJuice & connected devices simultaneously through a single charger.

Safety Features
Featuring over current, over voltage, over temperature and short circuit protection.

Notes about operating of HyperJuice:

This is a 100Wh/26800mAh battery with 2 ports (one 100W and 60W) with power delivery via USB-C. The maximum power drawn by some popular MacBook Pro units is listed below.

140W - MacBook Pro 16" (2021 - 2023)
96W - MacBook Pro 14" (2021 - 2023)
96W - MacBook Pro 16" (2019)
87W - MacBook Pro 15" (2016-2018)
61W MacBook Pro 13" (2020)

The Hyperjuice is designed to re-charge a MacBook Pro battery. It is suggested that you use the battery in your MacBook Pro before connecting the HyperJuice battery.

When a MacBook Pro is plugged into the 240V power point via the 96W power adaptor, the battery is bypassed and the unit is powered directly via the in coming power. If the MacBook Pro is plugged into the HyperJuice, the same thing happens where the internal battery is bypassed, and the power of the HyperJuice is used. If the unit is operated in this way, the HyperJuice will provide approximately 1-2 hours of power if the MacBook Pro is operating at a high performance level i.e. imaging or video programs open and operating.

The best method for getting maximum battery life out of a MacBook Pro and a Hyperjuice is to run the battery down in the MacBook Pro, then connect the HyperJuice to re-charge the battery while the MacBook Pro is not in use.


Designed to be airline-safe and super portable, the two 100W USB-C and two 65W USB-C Power Delivery ports give anyone the ability to charge four USB-C devices like laptops, tablets, DSLR cameras, smartphones, drones or gaming consoles all at the same time. It features a vivid OLED screen, showing the remaining battery capacity as well as the charging usage of each port. Additionally, it provides 100W Power Delivery passthrough charging to quickly recharge the battery in one hour.

27000 mAh Charging Capacity - The 27000 mAh capacity lets you charge an iPhone 13 9 times, an M1 MacBook Pro 13” or 16” 2 times, an iPad Pro 11” 2 times, a Canon DSLR camera 5 times, or a DJI drone 2 times.

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