Locate18 - Specular at the GeoSmart Asia 2018 Conference

Posted on February 01, 2018

Specular will be at the GeoSmart Asia 2018 conference in Adelaide with representatives from Phase One Industrial. Will you be there? Email us at [email protected] to arrange a time to meet.

If you are attending this year drop by and see and hear more about some of the best aerial imaging systems. 

We are at Booth #19 in the Locate18 hall.

Because of their small size and light weight, Phase One Industrial cameras can be deployed in both small and large aircraft (including UAV), opening up the possibility for more operators to access incredible high resolution imaging.

Phase One 4-Band Aerial Camera Solution

I Xu Rs 4 Band Transparent

The 4-Band System combines two high resolution 100 megapixel cameras to record both a normal RGB image and a Near Infrared (NIR) image. The automated software accurately aligns the images and can be set by the operator to produce RGB, RGBN, NRG, NDVI images as required.

This camera is an extremely effective tool for green-site or environmental monitoring, but the RGB camera can be redeployed in traditional mapping, survey, or inspection missions for increased ROI.

Phase One iXU-RS1900 Aerial Camera System

Solutions I Xu Rs1900 4 Band

The iXU-RS1900 camera is a dual or tri-lens system that produces 190 megapixel images, with the flexibility to add a third NIR sensor to produce 4-Band images. 

Because of the extended coverage from the additional resolution it can increase mission efficiency by 40%, or alternatively the large forward overlap is perfect for 3D city modelling.

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