EcoFlow Delta Max Power Station with Max 2400W AC output and 2KWh (168Ah@12V) Lithium Battery


The EcoFlow DELTA Power Station represents the new standard of battery-powered generators. Compatible with a wide range of devices, you can stay powered for hours whenever and wherever. It is an ideal for working photographers for powering your MacBook Pro and other devices on location, for a long time.

EcoFlow DELTA can keep your devices powered at all times. DELTA has a huge 2016Wh capacity that’s perfect for power outages, outdoor adventures, and professional work.

Stay powered on no matter what. DELTA Max connects with up to 2x 400W EcoFlow solar panels to deliver 800W Max solar charging speeds.

Capacity: 2016Wh
Charging Method: AC Wall Outlet, 12V Car Adapter, Solar Panel
Cycle Life: 800 cycles to 80%+ capacity
USB-A Output (x2): 5V DC, 2.4A, 12W Max per port
USB-A Fast Charge (x2): 5V, 2.4A / 9V, 2A / 12V, 1.5A, 18W Max per port
USB-C Output (x2): 5/9/12/15/20V, 5A, 100W Max per port
AC Output (x4): 2400W total (Surge 4600W), 230V AC (50/60Hz)
Car Charger Output (x1): 12.6V/10A, 126W max
DC5521 Output (x2): 15/9/12/15/20V 5A, 100W max
WiFi connection for App
Battery Chemistry: NCM
Extra Battery: Support up to two DELTA Max Smart Extra Battery/Smart Generator
Dimensions: 40 x 21 x 27 cm
Weight: 14kg

Charge Method: AC Wall Outlet, 12V Car Adaptor, Solar Panel.

- EcoFlow DELTA Max Portable Power Station
- 3.5m MC4 to XT60 Solar Panel Charging Cable
- 1.5m AC Charging Cable
- 1.5m Car Charging Cable
- User Manual and Warranty Card


* This is an oversize item and may incur additional freight fees

2 x 600W AC OUTLETS AND 720Wh CAPACITY The RIVER Pro can power up to 10 devices simultaneously with multiple outlet options, including 3 pure sine wave AC outlets. It offers up to 720Wh power and it weighs just 15.9lbs, which makes it a portable power source for adventure on the go.

RECHARGE FROM 0-80% WITHIN 1 HOUR The patented EcoFlow X-Stream technology enables you to charge the RIVER Pro from 0%-80% within one hour and offers a full charge in just 1.6 hours.

DOUBLE CAPACITY FROM 720Wh to 1440Wh Add a RIVER Pro Extra Battery to double the capacity from 720Wh to 1440Wh. This is ideal for situations like traveling, camping, or group outdoor activities where you need more power for more devices. POWER A WIDE RANGE OF APPLIANCES The RIVER Pro can power some devices up to 1800W with the X-Boost mode on, which lets you power about 80% of essential devices like kitchen appliances and DIY tools. Use devices below 1200W for the best product use.

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