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Cambo WDS-572 Rodenstock 90mm f5.6 HR Digaron-SW Lenspanel - Copal Shutter


The WDS-572 Lenspanel is dedicated to the use with Digital Backs and has a Rodenstock 5.6/90 HR Digaron-SW lens with Copal 0 shutter mounted in a helical focussing mount.

This version has a split back focal length, existing of a shorter lensplate and a rear extension unit. Includes includes WRS-1048 extension.
This combination allows for optimised shift without vignetting from the lensbarrel.

Image Circle at f11 = 120mm

Also available:
WTS-891 Tilt/Swing Lenspanel with Rodenstock 90mm f5.6 HR Digaron-SW Lens

Due to very limited availability of Copal 0 shutters, please contact us for current pricing and availability.

Product code 02-99161572

Shortest focal distance to object: 1.25 mtr
Image circle of lens at f/11: 120mm

Optical Movements:
CCD size 37x37mm: 33/33mm
CCD size 33x44mm: 29/26mm
CCD size 36x48mm: 26/23mm
CCD size 37x49mm: 25/22mm
CCD size 40x54mm: 23/21mm
CCD size 36x56mm: 25/21mm

Please note that some optical movements are larger than achievable due to mechanical limitation.

Camera Movements:
WDS: Up / Down / Left / Right: 34 / 26 / 20 / 20mm
WRS: Up / Down / Left / Right: 25 / 15 / 20 / 20mm

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