Cambo Studio Stand MBX-1 Kit - 2.1m


The Cambo MBX Studio Camera Stand is a medium weight camera stand suitable for a wide variety of shooting situations where stability, height and repeatable camera positioning is required. This includes general studio photography, e-commerce and other flay lay photography and reproduction.

The MBX counterweight is optimised for a medium format camera or DSLR with lens and tripod head.

The crossarm comes with one 3/8” camera platform, more of these can be mounted and using the optional adapter MBX-9, Cambo UST accessories can also be attached to the end of the crossarm.

This kit includes
- Cambo MBX-0 base featuring 3 individual lockable swivel castors with cranks to lock in place.
- Cambo MBX-1 column with geared lateral moving crossarm and movable 3/8 camera mount

Height of stand complete: 2100mm
Diameter of column: 85mm
Cross arm length: 1000mm
Weight of stand: 60kg
Load capacity: 5kg
Footprint: each leg extends 45cm from centre
There is a provision for adding extra weight under each leg.

Please note that pricing includes Air Freight shipping with ETA in approx 14 days. Please contact us for a lower price for shipping times of 8-12 weeks.

Product code 02-99131701-KIT

The MBX-1 column has ball bearing movements for the vertical adjustment.

The rotation is separately operated from and locked from the sliding collar.

The cross arm is integrated in the sliding collar and has a generous total length of 100 cm, moved with a gear crank for exact positioning.

The MBX-0 Base features 3 individual lockable swivel castors with cranks to lock in place.

The base includes a flange mount for the MBX columns, making it suitable to assemble the column to the base without topping it over to horizontal position.

  • Height of column only 195 cm
  • Height of stand complete 210 cm
  • Weight of column only: 24 kg
  • Weight of stand complete w/MBX-0: 60 kg

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