Cambo SCH-U Cambo SHU heavy duty 3D Geared tripod head including U-19 mounting adaptor


Heavy duty camera support (up to 25kg) to suit Cambo UST and UBS studio stand arms.

Cambo's heavy duty SCH precision-geared movement tripod head or Camera stand head, has important advantages over standard friction-locking ballheads and other 3D schemes. Minute adjustments are precise and controllable. And because the Tilt movement is spindle geared, it is selflocking. The Cambo 3D Gearhead provides 140 degrees of selflocking tilt, 90 degrees forward and 50 degrees back. 180 degrees manual side-to-side tilt movement features adjustable resistance.

Mounts to universal 3/8" threaded tripods.

Also available as SCH-U with integrated adapter mount for the Cambo UBS/UST crossarm connection system. (shown in pictures below)

Tilt: 140 degrees (90 forward, 50 backwards) all geared
Sidetilt: 180 degrees (90 left, 90 right) manual
Rotation: 360 degrees on top platform
Mount: Camera mount 3/8" - Tripod mount 3/8"
Weight: 2.5kgs
Height: 21cm
Payload: 25kg

Product code CAM-99121429

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