Cambo RPM-GFX kit with Rodenstock 80mm and 105mm Macro lenses (for GFX cameras)


The RPM-GFX makes a dedicated repro camera out of your Fujifilm GFX.

The Helical Focussing Mount with GFX bayonet accepts a variety of lens mounts. I t's a completely modular system enabling you to fine-tune your camera for its designated tasks. The lens mounts enable the use of such outstanding macro lenses as Rodenstock's HR-Digaron 5.6/105 Macro.

Interchangeable extension tubes WHF-7 and WHF-9 set the desired maximum magnification. The setup covers the range from infinity to 1:1

• RPM-GFX Modular Helical Focusing mount with 25mm travel and GFX bayonet
•Rodenstock HR-Digaron 105mm Macro lens
•Rodenstock Apo-Rodagon 4.0/80mm lens
•WHF-7 25mm extension tube
•WHF-9 50mm extension tube
•QR-9 transversal QR Arca compatible QR plate

NB: Requires FujiFilm GFX camera (not included)

Product code CAM-99161145

The Rodenstock HR Digaron Macro 105 mm f/5.6 is a macro lens that offers exceptional sharpness and that was designed for the scale range from around 1:4 (β' = -0.25) to 4:1 (β' = -4).

Unlike conventional macro lenses, it can be continuously optimized to any imaging scale from 1:3 (β' = -0.3) to 3:1 (β' = -3) using a ring with very fine scale divisions. An internal lens element group (floating elements) is shifted for a perfect matching of the optical design to the respective imaging scale. The lens therefore produces a high resolution, exceptional contrast, and a minimization of chromatic aberration (colour fringes) unsurpassed in the macro sector.

The best digital lenses start to experience a drop in quality from an imaging scale of 1:4; this is where the recommended working range of the HR Digaron Macro begins.

The default focussing range is 25mm from infinity which results in a ratio upto 1:4

  • with an added extension of 25mm, the focus range is between 1:4 up to 1:2
  • with an added extension of 50mm, the focus range is between 1:2 up to 1:1,14
  • with an added extension of 75mm, the focus range is between 1:1.14 up to 1:1

Image circle of lens at any f/stop: 82 mm
Front filter thread: m40.5

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