The best monitors for photographers in 2019

Posted on February 25, 2019

When you browse online for monitors it seems like you have millions of choices, but for photographers there's actually only a handful worth considering.

To make life easy we have selected what we think are the best options for the majority of photographers. If you have any special requirements (like video production) drop us a line and we can point you in the right direction.

As always we only stock items that we think offer good value to our customers, so check out our colour accurate monitors in the store.

Our favourite monitors right now

At the top end we have an Eizo with all the bells and whistles, and for an entry level option BenQ offer fantastic value for any freelancer or enthusiast photographer.

Our favourite high-end monitor

Eizo ColorEdge CG279X 27" Monitor

Our favourite entry level monitor

BenQ SW2700PT 27" Monitor

Read on to get our thoughts on each of these options, and some alternatives.

High-end pick

Eizo ColorEdge CG279X 27" Monitor

Without a doubt the Eizo ColorEdge CG279X is our favourite high end monitor. It is the replacement for the much loved CG277 model that many of our clients know and trust.

  • Built-in calibrator for set-and-forget colour accuracy
  • Wide colour space
  • 2560x1440 pixel resolution
  • Best in class panel uniformity
  • 5-year warranty and zero bright pixel guarantee
  • Monitor hood included

This monitor is perfect for photographers, retouchers, and graphic designers who regularly need to deliver or print very colour accurate images. We really appreciate the edge-to-edge colour stability, and the in-built calibrator takes all the friction out of keeping your display calibrated.

At first we were surprised that the new 27" monitor from Eizo doesn't feature 4K resolution. What we realised however is most people are using their 4K resolution scaled down to appear roughly the same as a HD monitor, and Eizo will always prioritise colour accuracy, panel reliability, and luminance evenness over any other feature. Good not them for sticking to what matters!

While you pay more for an Eizo monitor they offer the best warranty of any monitor on the market.

If you feel yourself craving more than a 27" monitor, you can get a truly impressive setup by upgrading to the monstrous 31" version!

Entry level pick

BenQ SW2700PT 27" Monitor

For almost every job the highly accurate wide gamut BenQ SW2700PT is a great choice. It is the most basic and affordable colour accurate monitor we have tested to date.

  • Hardware calibration
  • Wide colour space
  • 2560x1440 pixel resolution
  • Monitor hood included

BenQ really stunned the display technology market with their photographer focused colour accurate range.

Most people want us to tell them how the BenQ compares to the Eizo, and for many people the accuracy and colour will appear very similar.

While these monitors have hardware calibration capability, it does not feature an in-build calibrator so you you still need to budget for a seperate calibrator like the X-Rite i1 Display Pro and commit to regularly calibrating.

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