A miniature 100 megapixel camera for drone inspection

Posted on April 30, 2018

I Xm In Hand 10001000

While a range of recent cameras from Phase One Industrial have had the capacity to be launched on a drone or UAV platform, this new medium format system is custom designed for easy deployment on affordable drone systems like the DJI Matrice M600Pro.

The Phase One iXM 100MP is a metric camera with a 100 megapixel 33 x 44mm sensor for mapping, survey, and inspection projects which need a smaller package that can be deployed quickly via drone. Typically this would be wind turbine inspection or bridge engineering inspection.

I Xm 100 Mp 80Mm Lens With M600 Pro
Backside-illuminated sensor

This is the first medium format sensor in the world to include backlit sensor technology. For missions where operators need to work through early morning or late afternoon this can be a game-changer.

To top it off the system is IP53 waterproof, and operates below freezing for cold climate work.

There is also a 50 megapixel version with a slight increase in sensitivity, and a reduction in the live-view feed capability over the HDMI out. 

I Xm Rsm Lenses Row
RSM Lenses

Four new RSM lenses round out the new system; 35mm and 80mm fixed focus lenses, and 80mm and 150mm motorised focus lenses. 

These lenses have no external moving parts, and enclose a high performance leaf shutter guaranteed to 500,000 actuations, and can capture 3 frames per second.

Contact us on 03 9091 2111 or email [email protected] to discuss a role for the iXM in your business.

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