Announcing Capture One Pro 11

Posted on November 30, 2017

The true power of layers unleashed

The latest version of Capture One brings a big upgrade in support for a layer workflow, bringing even greater image quality to targeted image adjustments without the need to export to another image editing application. But for professional workflows, the new Capture One allows you to deliver layered PSD files to retouchers with crops, annotation, and layout overlays while keeping the underlying image intact.

Co11 Disp Stefano Gardel

Capture One continues to lead the way in RAW file image editing.

The expertise gained from supporting more than 400 cameras combined with their dedication to creativity results in exceptional color handling, precision editing tools and a smooth, efficient workflow. Capture One continues to be the industry standard in imaging software.

Highlights at a glance:

  • New Layers Tool replaces Local Adjustments for more advanced editing options
  • Control layer opacity
  • Feather mask and refine edge tools for advanced masking
  • Grey Scale mode for precise mask editing
  • Annotate directly on your image, and export as a seperate layer to PSD
  • Export the Overlay and Watermark tools as layers in PSD files
  • Export your Crop as a Path in a PSD file
  • Improved editing speed for fine-tuning adjustments
  • Import Duplicate checker
  • Colour tools have been re-engineered to create smoother transitions between different layers
  • L*a*b* Colour support for exact colour patch matching
  • Faster and more stable catalogs
Co11 Surf Fritz Hansen 3

This update really gives users the flexibility to do the majority of their work within Capture One, and where they do have to hand off retouching or take images into Photoshop, the addition of exporting annotations, overlays, and crops within a PSD file massively streamlines the process.

Single user upgrade to Capture One Pro 11 (from version 9 & 10): $195 inc GST

Capture One Pro 11 single user licence: $495 inc GST

Contact us to get your new license or upgrade now.

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