66 011157


B+W F-Pro 022 Yellow - 495 - MRC filter - 86mm


Increases Black and White Contrast
Effect Corresponds to Wratten 8 Filter
Darkens Blue and Green Tones
Lightens Yellow and Red Tones
Reduces Haze in Daylight
2x Filter Factor, +1 Stop
Multi-Resistant Coating, Schott Glass
86mm Front Filter Threads
F-pro Brass Filter Ring
Includes Filter Case

Suitable for use with Phase One Achromatic digital backs.

The B+W 022 yellow filter 495 is regarded as the basic filter for every black and white photographer. A cloudy sky looks very natural, but is not yet dramatic. Long-distance views with a light haze become clearer – an ideal filter, especially for landscapes and plant photography.

Product code 66-011157

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