ARCA-SWISS - D4 Geared Head with FlipLock® Quick Release


The unique D4 geared head is robust, compact and very easy to operate. Our customers who purchase the D4 often wonder why they didn’t get one sooner!

Compared to other geared heads the D4 offers a significant advantage: the speed of “ball head” style movement for gross positioning, then the locks can be set and the gearing used for final fine precision adjustment. The D4 also features panning above and below the gears so you camera can be panned without messing up the alignment you have dialled in.

ARCA-SWISS D4 Geared Head with FlipLock® Quick Release features a flip lock release for the camera plate.

NB: ARCA-SWISS tripod heads do not come with a camera plate, please select an appropriate camera plate or L-bracket from the Related Products below.

Product code ARC-870104

The ARCA-SWISS D4 Geared Head with Classic Quick Release features:

• compact profile
• free movement on X/Y axes with gearing disengaged
• precise easy separate X/Y adjustment with gearing engaged
• panning at top and bottom to achieve panorama movement in correct alignment

Weight: 970g
Payload: 30kg
Dimensions: 84 x 90 x 125mm

The ARCA-SWISS D4 Geared Head is perfect for architecture, interiors, landscape, macro and still life and studio photography

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