Phase One iXU-R Aerial Camera System

The Phase One iXU-R aerial camera system offers medium format high resolution plus high performance optics with three
lenses — 40 mm, 50 mm and 70 mm.

The Phase One iXU-R, available in 100 MP, 80 MP and 60 MP versions as well as a 60 MP Achromatic version, features dedicated interchangeable 40 mm, 50 mm and 70 mm Phase One Rodenstock lenses equipped with central shutters that can be quickly changed in the field. These cameras offer unprecedented flexibility in aerial applications. The Phase One iXU-R system has been designed to address the aerial data acquisition market’s needs for a small, lightweight camera with the high resolution of a medium format system and high performance optics, while being compact enough to be easily integrated into a small gimbal or pod space or part of an oblique/nadir array.

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Phase One iXA-R Aerial Camera System

The Phase One iXA-R aerial camera system is an integrated high resolution medium format camera system with three lenses — 40 mm, 50 mm and 70 mm. 

The iXA-R cameras share many of the same features as the successful iXA aerial cameras, including; focal plane and central leaf shutters, optional Forward Motion Compensation, scalability to form multi-camera arrays as well as easy integration with popular flight management systems and GPS/IMU receivers.

The iXA-R cameras expand the iXA lens range by adding three new dedicated lenses, which are individually inspected and factory calibrated for infinity focus

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Phase One iX Capture software

iX Capture is a professional Capture and RAW conversion application that was created exclusively for shooting with Phase One aerial camera systems.

The intuitive interface makes setting up the camera an easy task — with a well organised display of essential information, including exposure settings, time interval captures, available disk space, GPS data and frame count.

Users easily follow each capture in real time and control essential settings on Phase One cameras — streamlining the aerial data-acquisition process.

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Phase One iXU Aerial Camera System

The Phase One iXU cameras are the world’s smallest and lightest integrated high resolution digital medium format aerial cameras.

Phase One’s iXU aerial cameras answer the needs of users looking for dependable, small, light-weight, medium format aerial cameras at a reasonable price. With a choice of 100 MP and 50 MP CMOS-based sensors and 80 MP, 60 MP and 60 MP achromatic CCD-based sensors, a solution is available for standalone use, building a compact array for oblique/nadir photography or for medium format photography from a UAV or light aircraft.

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Phase One iXA Aerial Camera System

The Phase One iXA aerial camera is an integrated medium format camera system that was designed from the ground up exclusively for aerial photogrammetry. 

Developed with leading experts and engineers in the field, the iXA is built to meet the exacting needs of aerial photogrammetry and streamline the entire capture and processing workflow. The camera is a major addition to the current aerial implementations that Phase One already provides to partners in the industry.

With a choice of 80 megapixel or 60 megapixel models, the iXA aerial camera is designed to easily incorporate into existing or new systems, making it the perfect solution for integrators or end users looking for a rugged, high-quality industrial-grade aerial camera system. The medium format solution offers exceptional image quality and features that rival large format cameras at a fraction of the price.

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Phase One iX Controller

The Phase One iX Controller  is a rugged fan-less PC designed especially to act as a controller for the Phase One iXU and iXA series of cameras.

It comes pre-installed with Windows operating system and iX Capture and features hot swappable Solid State Drives for data storage and simple, rapid changing of storage.

With connections like Lemo for camera control, 24V for aircraft power input and up to 6 USB ports for connection of single or multiple cameras, the iX Controller a robust and versatile solution for in aircraft PC.

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