Zig-align ZC9-H/V with 67mm Adaptor


Zig-align systems help you check parallelism of your camera to the copy plane. The alignment pattern made by its two mirrors shows you when those planes are exactly parallel.

The Zig-align ZC9-H/V is designed to be used facing a wall or facing down between 0-12+ ft and comes fitted with a 69mm threaded adaptor.

Ideal accessory for any copy-stand solution.

Product code ZC9-H/V-67

With a ring module epoxied onto an adapter ring that is screwed into your lens, you can look directly through the camera to view the alignment pattern shown on a mirror at the copy plane.
A ZC9 contains a 3.3" ring module in an adapter ring with 62, 67, 72, or 77mm threads. When ordering, you need to know the filter thread diameter in mm.

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