Nanlux Evoke 1200 Bi Colour LED Spot Light 2700K - 6500K


The Nanlux Evoke 1200B is a very powerful Bi Colour LED (constant) spot light with excellent accuracy in colour rendition. It has applications in videography and photography.

• Studio, Film, TV Production and Photography
• Output: 18,570 Lux at 3m 5600k (with 45 degree reflector)
• Color Temperature: Bi Colour 2700-6500K
• 96/97 CRI/TLCI
• AC Power, Optional Battery
• Bluetooth, Wired or Wireless DMX Control
• 11 Special Effects, Dims 0 to 100%
• Optional Softboxes and Fresnel Lens
• IP54 Weatherproof
• NLM200 Mount

1× Evoke 1200B,1× Yoke, 1× Power Supply,1× Reflector, 1× DC Connection Cable 7.5M,1× AC Power Cable 6M, 1× AS-CP-QR-EV Evoke Quick Release Clamp, 1× USB Flash Drive, 1× WS-RC-C2 Remote Controller×, 1× User Manual,1× DMX Reference Guide,1× Thank You Card

Product code NAN-NLEVOKE1200B

A groundbreaking 1.2kW LED spot light which blends unprecedented levels of crisp, bright LED illumination with multiple configuration options.

High Output, Refreshing Imagination

The Evoke 1200B adopts 2X1200W LED chips in dot matrix form as light source, provides a impeccable beam in the same category. Keeping the NL mount, Evoke 1200B achieves a remarkable light efficiency, outputting up to 18,570 lux@3m 5600K with 45° reflector, beating 1.8K HMI Par or 2.5K fresnel with the ability of changing CCT in a twist. The Evoke 1200's impressive flicker-free function has been loaded into the Evoke 1200B as well.

2700k-6500K Wide CCT Range - Sunrise to Daylight to Sunset

The Evoke 1200B features advanced Bi-Color light mixing technologies ensuring continuity and accuracy in CCT change from 2700K all the way up to 6500K. The CCT adjustment will be easily made at the turn of a knob, making CTO/CTB gels a thing of the past, it also offers way more flexibility in filmmaking by simulating natural light from sunrise to daylight to sunset. Furthermore, the incorporated constant output functionality supports through range CCT tuning without any intensity shift at all.

Designed for Frequent, Lifetime Use

Thermal management of high power LEDs was crucial in the development of the Evoke 1200B. NANLUX created an even more efficient heat management system for Evoke 1200B to optimize heat dissipation while maintaining a compact fixture housing. This modification effectively achieves a higher efficiency and longer LED lifetime in high running temperature, compared to common LED lighting.

An enhanced fan control system with 4 operation modes for various shooting scenarios and environments:

Smart Mode:

Smart sensors that adapt to the ambient temperature, allowing for real-time monitoring of LEDs temperature and automatically adjust the fan speed to offer better dissipation and a minimal noise level.

Full Speed Mode:

Heat dissipation boosted in high speed mode to meet the shooting requirements under high temperature environment.

Low Speed Mode:

Limit the noise level within acceptable range for recording on set while discharging heat effectively. Maximum output is 50% in low speed mode.

Off Mode:

Fan shut down to minimise the noise level for an optimal sound environment. Maximum output is 10% in off mode.

Classic Structure Design - Compact and Efficient

Inherits the design essence from Evoke 1200 - Aluminium die casting allows used for its construction. the weight of light fixture is kept at 7.75kg, only 70% of a 1.8K HMI, giving it an edge in terms of transportability while retaining the necessarv intensitv. All basic controls are integrated on the lamp head and easily accessible.

Ultimate Control

Fully controllable, the Evoke 1200 supports both wired and wireless control via NANLINK APP, DMX/RDM, Remote Control and LumenRadio CRMX.

Incredible Versatility

The Evoke 1200 is compatible with a selection of lighting shaping tools, accessories and modifiers. The large aperture and sturdy fixings of the NL mount allows the user to quickly switch between optics to sculpture, shape and modify the output with absolutely no compromise in beam quality, colour or intensity.

Precision Performance

The highly accurate user interface, with its 0.1% precision allows for pin-point accuracy in both output and intensity.

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