What is the rental process at Specular?

To ensure you get the equipment you need, please note the following process for renting.

Step one: Request a quote

Email us at [email protected] and include the following information:

  1. If you are a new customer, your name, billing address, business name (if different to your name), and contact phone number,
  2. An itemised list of the equipment you need (if you are unsure what you need call so we can help!),
  3. Pick-up and return time and date.

NB please be aware of our standard hire periods; a "Day" is one 24 hour period (10am to 10am), a "Weekend" is from 5pm Friday to 9am Monday, a "Week" is 7 days (168 hours).

We will send you a Hire Agreement. Please check the agreement thoroughly and note the required hire fee, security deposit, and booking deposit if required.

We generally require a 2-4 day lead time to ensure the equipment is available and prepared for your hire, the more notice you can provide the better.

Step two: Confirm the hire quote

To proceed with a hire Specular require:

  1. A signed copy of the Hire Agreement. Booking of the hire is not complete until Specular have received the correct signed Hire Agreement paperwork.
    Please note a $1,000 security deposit is required for hires. The deposit will be refunded upon return of the goods to Specular in working order. If there are multiple requests for the same equipment we may request a booking fee to secure the hire for you. The booking fee is only refundable if the hire goes ahead.
  2. [New customers] A copy of the Australian drivers licence or passport from the person who signs the Hire Agreement.
  3. Payment for the amount of the hire and security deposit (by credit card).
Step three: Collection

Please note the collection time on your hire quote indicates the earliest time the equipment will be available. Allow plenty of time to collect the equipment and process any payments required.

NB for new customers we must receive a copy of photo I.D. before or at the time of collection. If it is your first time renting a medium format system we are happy to offer up to an hour of familiarisation training.

Step four: Return

Please note the return time on your hire quote indicates the date and time equipment must be returned to avoid additional charges.

After the equipment is returned in working order your security deposit refund will be processed. Some banks and card merchants take a few days for the money to appear back in your account.