GNARBOX 2.0 Dual Battery Charger


Made for flexible power management on the go, the GNARBOX 2.0 Dual Battery Charger safely holds and charges two GNARBOX 2.0 Batteries in two hours each. An on-board USB-C port also enables it to charge other mobile devices.

Product code GBX20-X3-DBC


Easy, flexible power management

It works with GNARBOX 2.0 SSD – and keeps your work powered wherever you are.

Less time waiting

Powered by USB-C, it charges your batteries to 85% in under an hour, full power in two.

Hotswappable for 100% up-time

With GNARBOX connected to power, you can hot swap to a fresh battery without interrupting your workflow.

Portable power for your devices

Use the 48Wh of power as a USB-C power bank to charge other devices.



• Recharge (2) GNARBOX 2.0 Batteries
• 8 LED indicators for active feedback
• 2-hour recharge per battery

What's in the Box

• GNARBOX 2.0 Dual Battery Charger
• User Manual

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