Training is an important part of our philosophy.

Details of our current training modules are below.

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POCP 2016

Phase One Certified Professional (POCP) – Melbourne & Sydney 2018

The training program is designed to give working digital-techs, photographers, and assistants the training and skills they need to confidently work with the Phase One camera system and Capture One Pro software on the most demanding of jobs.

The POCP training program is an advanced seminar designed for working professionals taught by Phase One Technical Support staff, all of which have years of experience on-set. This is a once a year event as we fly out staff from Phase One to conduct the event. You will learn heaps, get plenty of hands on and meet some great people.

The POCP training takes place over a two day period encompassing everything from efficient on-set workflow, to troubleshooting, to advanced software techniques. At the end of two days it culminates with a online multi-choice test.


Benefits of POCP

After successfully passing POCP, attendees are certified for two years, and can us the POCP logo to promote their business. Additionally you will be listed on the Phase One website as a certified professional in your home city.

If you are an assistant or digital operator looking to make a leap to higher end commercial sets this course will give you a solid grounding in mission critical skills.


Tuesday 7th – Wednesday 8th August, 9am-5pm

Venue TBC (Likely near Specular in Alexandria)

$693 (inc GST)
Lunch and refreshments provided both days.
Attendees also receive a full Capture One Pro 11 license valued at $429

Registration is essential, places are strictly limited to 15 people.

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Return completed form to to secure your place


Monday 13th – Tuesday 14th August, 9am-5pm

Venue TBC (Likely near Specular in Collingwood)

$693 (inc GST)
Lunch and refreshments provided both days.
Attendees also receive a full Capture One Pro 11 license valued at $429

Registration is essential, places are strictly limited to 15 people.

Click here to download the registration form
Return completed form to to secure your place

Course Overview

A mixture of lecture and hands-on

Training seminars will include a mixture of lecture and hands-on practice. You will have the opportunity to use the Phase One IQ series camera systems featuring the Phase One XF camera with Schneider LS Blue Ring lenses. Below topics will be covered in great depth:

Phase One digital backs, camera bodies and lenses:

  • Technology inside the Phase One IQ series digital backs
  • Phase One XF camera camera system and lenses
  • Recommended usage and capabilities
  • Troubleshooting

Third party cameras:
Usage with Phase One digital backs, troubleshooting, and Canon/Nikon tethering

Recommended setups, troubleshooting and maintenance

Capture One RAW conversion software:
Efficient workflow in Capture One Pro 11, advanced tools, and troubleshooting

The certification process consists of three steps:

  • Qualification of pre-course materials
  • Attending the official POCP training course (2 days)
  • Passing the certification exam (online test)

Registration for the Phase One Certification Professional (POCP) training program includes access to the pre-course and all materials at training. You will be provided with a pre-course account and access link upon registration for the POCP training program.


Capture One Pro – Extensive 5 week class (2 hours a week)

A thorough and systematic training program designed for photographers and digital operators to become proficient using Capture One Pro. The 2 hour a week format is designed to maximise the effectiveness of the training to ensure retention of the information presented. Each week the goal will be to present information, have the participants practice during the week, and the following week review and ask questions.

Who should attend: Digital Operators, Photographers (Phase One, Leaf, Canon, Nikon & other DSLR owners), Digital Processors & Retouchers.

When: Commencing 7th of February 2017.

Format: Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm for approx 2 hours per week for 5 weeks

What will be covered?

Capture One Pro – Workflow Overview

We will be providing an in-depth look at workflows within Capture One Pro. Key areas covered will include :

  • Conceptual overview of colour management and ICC colour profiles
  • Understanding Capture One registration and licensing
  • Detailed tutorial of Capture One Pro interface and tools
  • A step by step of various Workflows: Shooting tethered and to card (with Phase One, Leaf, Canon & Nikon)
  • Setting up a style (look and feel using Capture One) for the shoot
  • Customising Capture One to suit your requirements
  • Colour Editor tool to create unique ‘looks’ that can be applied to all of the images with a few clicks to achieve unmatched consistency.
  • Learn techniques for achieving the highest quality results from RAW camera files to finished print ready results whilst minimising the need for retouching
  • Methods for dealing with large quantities of images quickly and effectively
  • Useful tips and tricks

The aim in this module is to take images as far as possible within Capture One Pro, and to minimise the need for retouching in Photoshop. More details are below.

Presented by: These sessions will be presented by Rory Shinners.


Training will occur on the Macintosh platform. Basic knowledge of Mac OS X, images and photography knowledge required.
N.B. Approx 98% of Capture One Pro is the same on a Windows platform as it is on Mac OS X, so Windows users are welcome too.


The cost for the 5 sessions will be $450 inc GST

How to register

Strictly limited to 15 places. Registrations are essential. Please download and complete the Registration Form (option-click to download) and e-mail it back via email or fax it to 03 9091 2104

Additional Course Details

Week 1

  • Capture One versions and software activation
  • Basic Workflow input to output introduction
  • Capture One Interface Overview (Tool Palettes, Toolbars & Inspector Tools, Cursor Tools, Thumbnails, Previews, Preferences, Viewing modes)
  • Organising and accessing files
  • Shooting Tethered and getting image off camera cards

Week 2

  • Colour & Exposure
  • ICC Profiles within Capture One Pro
  • Colour Theory for Digital Photography
  • Color Editor
  • White Balance
  • Soft Proofing
  • Clarity
  • Specialist Black & White

Week 3

  • Adjustments and working with multiple images
  • Styles
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Cropping, rotating, Keystone correction
  • Lens Cast Calibration
  • Overlay Tool
  • Variants

Week 4

  • Sharpening – theory, implications and practice
  • Noise reduction
  • Moire
  • Spot & Dust Removal
  • Skin tone
  • Adjustment layers – advanced

Week 5

  • Workflow and putting it all into practice
  • Metadata & Keywords
  • Detailed look at Outputting files including scaling & watermarking
  • Creating Web Contact Sheets
  • Printing

Registrations are essential. Please Register your interest by email.