Silver Umbrella

The Silver Umbrella provides focused lighting, along with soft shadow definition. It is especially suitable for bringing out structural details in materials or if a higher light output is needed. The Silver Umbrella is offered in the Small, Medium and Large size.

White Umbrella

The White Umbrella gives an even diffused lighting effect with soft shadow definition. The closer to the subject the umbrella is placed, the softer the shadow will be. White umbrellas are available in Small, Medium and Large diameters.

Translucent Umbrella

The Translucent Umbrella provides diffused lighting around a bright core. The lighting can be varied by changing its distance to the lamp head. Translucent Umbrellas are available in Small and Medium diameters.

Profoto – Umbrella XL

Large umbrellas are useful Light Shaping Tools for portrait, people and fashion photography. They create a smooth but yet distinctive light, which allows the user to illuminate an entire person or even small groups with just a single light source.

Profoto’s new Umbrella XL has a diameter of 165 cm. It is available in white, silver and translucent versions, and it fits on all Profoto flash heads and monolights. It can also be mounted on Profoto’s Cine Reflector, and thereby be used with the new line of continuous light sources – ProDaylight 800 Air and ProTungsten 1000 Air.

The Umbrella XL has a slightly parabolic shape. This allows one to change the light distribution by simply sliding the shaft inside the flash head. In addition, the light spread can be adjusted by moving the Zoom Reflector back or forth.

There is an optional front diffuser available, which practically converts Umbrella XL white and silver into a fully functioning Octabox. There is also an optional stand adapter available, which allows one to mount the umbrella on a light stand, or to use it with former Profoto heads, or even with products from other brands.

Profoto Umbrella XL range: (All umbrellas come in a rugged transport bag.)

  • 100326 Profoto White Umbrella XL
  • 100327 Profoto Silver Umbrella XL
  • 100328 Profoto Translucent Umbrella XL
  • 254651 Profoto Front Diffuser for Umbrella XL
  • 101099 Profoto Stand Adapter for Umbrella XL