OCF Light Shaping Tools

There is a great range of OCF Light Shaping Tools to complement the OCF Lights from Profoto. Each OCF Light Shaping Tool is designed with portability and weight in mind. As well as the usual Profoto build quality you’ve come to expect.

Please note that the OCF Light Shaping range is only be used with Profoto Off-Camera Flashes that have an LED modeling light (B1 & B2). They should not be used with standard heads or monolights.

Profoto OCF softbox

OCF Softboxes

OCF Softboxes are softboxes tailor-made for fast and easy on-location photography. Like any other softbox, OCF Softboxes create a soft and flattering light. But unlike any other softbox, they are made in a unique material that is both lightweight and easy to fold and unfold. Add to that the fixed diffuser, the patent-pending speedring and the color-coded rods.

Profoto OCF grid kit

OFC Grid Kit

The OCF Grid Kit is a small and super portable kit consisting of a holder and three different honeycomb grids. Attach any of the three grids in front of the off-camera flash to reduce its light spread to either 10°, 20° or 30°. This gives you a direct, circular shape of light that can be used for many applications, such as accent or hair light, intriguing background effects or simply for controlling stray light.

101030 Profoto OCF Grid Kit 10°, 20° & 30°

Profoto OCF Barndoors

OCF Barndoors

The OCF Barndoor is a compact and portable Light Shaping Tool that gives you precise control of the light spread. The four barndoors can be adjusted individually and the entire tool can be rotated 360° on the flash head, allowing you to control and shape light in an almost infinite number of ways.

The OCF Barndoors is made from fibreglass and metal making it light yet very strong. A soft bag for transport is included.

101203 Profoto OCF Barndoors

Profoto OCF snoot

OCF Snoot

The OCF Snoot is a compact and portable Light Shaping Tool that drastically reduces the light spread from your off-camera flash. The effect is a crisp and direct light with almost no spill light. The light has a beautiful, round shape, which can be used as hair light or any other application when only a small area needs to be illuminated.

101200 Profoto OCF Snoot

Profoto OCF Gel Starter Kit

OCF Gel Starter Kit

The Profoto OCF Gels starter kit is a great way to add color to your lighting palette. There are 20 gels to choose from, ten are color correction gels for balancing your flash with, for instance, warmer or colder natural light or indoor lighting, while the other ten are color effect gels. Add them to boost your creativity and shape light in colour.

  • Balance color temperature or get creative with colored light.
  • Choose from ten color correction gels and ten color effect gels.
  • Pre-cut and labeled for fast and easy use.
  • Clever snap-on solution.
  • Comes with two gel attachment pieces, a practical bag and a wallet.
  • Can be used together with any OCF Light Shaping Tools.

101037 OCF Color Gel Starter Kit

Profoto OCF Beautydish Silver

OCF Beauty Dish 60cm

The Profoto OCF Beauty Dish is inspired by the classic Profoto Softlight Reflector, but is collapsible and more portable. It is available in White for that creamy yet crisp light, or Silver for that slightly more edgy but clean effect on skin.

101220 Profoto OCF Beauty Dish White 2′ (60cm)

101221 Profoto OCF Beauty Dish Silver 2′ (60cm)

  • Comes with deflector plate, optional diffuser and carrying bag.
  • OCF Speedring is required and bought separately.