Giant Reflectors

Really big reflectors for really glamorous shots. The combination of soft shadows and distinct highlights have made the Profoto extra-large reflectors very popular with leading fashion photographers. We’re now introducing a major new product line, Profoto Giants, which is vastly superior to all previous models.

Profoto are proud to introduce the Profoto Giant. Seven new extra large light shaping tools. The new tools offer truly parabolic reflectors with diameters up to 300 cm (10 ft.) and a range of models to suit every need.

The Profoto Giant Reflectors offer the truly parabolic and focusable silver reflectors in three sizes, 180 cm (6 ft.), 240 cm (8 ft.), and 300 cm (10 ft.), for an extra-wide and at the same time crisp and very even light.

Profoto’s 150 and 210 reflectors, often used with the photographer standing in front of the reflector, give you the unique combination of a soft light and still brilliant highlights. Very popular in fashion photography. Very popular also because they are easily setup and dismantled.