Profoto – Light Shaping Tools

Style your light to perfection

For more than four decades, professional photographers around the world have come to value Profoto’s expertise in lighting and light-shaping. Their extensive range of Light Shaping Tools offers photographers unlimited possibilities for creating and adjusting their own light.
Profoto is the world leader in electronic flash. It’s simplicity, robustness and beautiful light quality means that it is the system most asked for in rental studios and rental houses worldwide.

We designed and engineered Profoto tools as a high performance system for professionals – with built-in ruggedness and durability. At the same time, we made sure that you can easily control lighting in demanding situations. As a professional photographer, you have your own special style and needs. You know what you want to achieve, and it is not right until you can shape the light your way. Therefore, the Profoto Light Shaping System offers maximum flexibility.
We set the position of the flash tube high and free of the lamp body, does making every Light Shaping Tool zoomable. So every one of our tools offers a cascade of lighting effects. The Profoto family of Light Shaping Tools covers every angle, from traditional umbrellas and reflectors, to special effects equipment. Based on our design philosophy of look, listen and touch, the controls are easy to read and use – even without reading manuals. Just choose the tool you need, snap it on, then zoom it to perfection. You’re in control.

Shape the light the way you want, with minimum fuss. In the studio or on location, just select the components you need from the versatile Profoto Light Shaping Tool system. Reflectors, umbrellas, grids, spots, softboxes and more – each optically designed to create a distinct light character. Use your eyes and your hands. Feel the rugged design. All the accessories you need to create your own style. Your light. On demand.

Download the complete Profoto Light Shaping Tools PDF (5.8MB)