Profoto Pro-B4 1000 Air

A revolution on location! The Pro-B4 is the fastest, toughest battery generator on the market. Its performance rivals even that of the best studio generators out there. But of course, the most important thing is not what it can do, but what it allows you to do.


  • 11 f-stop power range (1 – 1,000Ws), adjustable in 1/10 or 1/1 f-stops on two individually controlled lamp sockets.
  • Unmatched flash durations from 1/2,000 s to 1/25,000 s.
  • Extremely fast recycling times from 0.03 s to 0.99 s.
  • Up to 220 flashes capacity at full, 440 at ½, 880 at ¼ etc. and more than 50,000 flashes at lowest power.
  • Support for up to 500W modelling light
  • Fast charger recharges battery in less than 45 minutes. Battery can be recharged during use.
  • Built in Profoto Air sync and remote provides: – Camera sync and remote control to 300m operating range
  • Compact size 25x18x31cm, low weight 9.8kg including battery.

The most attention-grabbing feature of the Pro-B4 is its flash duration. Thanks to the new, patent pending Hybrid Capacitor Technology, the Pro-B4 delivers flash durations down to 1/25,000 of a second. That is not only the shortest flash duration of any battery generator in the world, but also of any flash pack. Period. Needless to say, this opens up creative possibilities that yesterday’s photographers could only ever dream of.

The Pro-B4 is also the world’s fastest recycling battery generator. At lower power settings it is able to fire up to 30 flashes per second, while the longest wait on full power is less than a second. In other words: you will never have to wait for the Pro-B4. Now how fast you can shoot depends only on your camera.

Optional built-in Profoto Air remote control and triggering

The new Profoto Air system enables you to remote control and trigger your flash from as much as 300 metres and replaces the sync cable. Connect the B4 to the new Profoto Air USB, for PC and Mac and gain full control of your entire studio flash system via wireless communication.

As a professional photographer, you have your own special style and needs. Profoto’s extensive Light Shaping Tools system fits perfectly with the new Pro-B4 100 Air, enabling you to shape the light your own way. To achieve the image you want.

Profoto ProHead Plus heads

The Pro-B4 is compatible with all Pro heads. Each Pro head is optimized for certain applications and optically designed to create a distinct yet highly adaptable light. All heads are small, robust and compatible with the entire range of Profoto Light Shaping Tools. Now, the classic Pro heads have been upgraded to take full advantage of the groundbreaking potential of the Pro-B4.

Profoto Pro-B Head Plus

The Pro-B Head plus is basically the same as the ProHead Plus but without the fan. This makes it even smaller and more lightweight. Hence, perfect for on-location shoots and situations where you need to keep moving.

ProRing Plus/ProRing 2 Plus

Profoto ring flashes create a direct and prominent light without harshness. ProRing Plus is smaller and more lightweight, while ProRing 2 Plus comes with a built-in fan and a powerful 200 W modeling light.

Download PDF about Profoto B4 (1.1MB)