Profoto – The Light Shaping Company

Profoto, is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional-quality digital flash lighting systems and light shapers. Ask any professional photographer why they use Profoto strobes and the answers are identical: consistency, consistency and more consistency. And, oh yes, Profoto units are the most durable and trouble free units on the market.

Which Profoto are You?
Pro-8a or D4 AIR : Robust and rugged workhorses built for precision digital shooting, all day.
Pro-B4 AIR: Action freezing flash durations and high technology battery technology combine to offer a versatile, portable feature packed battery pack.
B1: A whole new way to light on location, the Profoto B1 500 AirTTL is a feature packed, self contained flash system for the mobile photographer.
B2: The world’s first portable, off, or on-camera flash that also features TTL and HSS.
D1 : Super performance in a small monolight package.

Profoto is known for beautiful light shaping tools. Shape the light the way you want, with minimum fuss. In the studio or on location, just select the components you need from the versatile Profoto Light Shaping Tool system. Reflectors, umbrellas, grids, spots, softboxes and more – each optically designed to create a distinct light character. Use your eyes and your hands. Feel the rugged design. All the accessories you need to create your own style. Your light. On demand