NiMar NiXF Underwater dive housing
NiMar NiXF Underwater housing for Phase one XF

The NiXF dive housing – a waterproof diving solution designed in co-operation with Phase One, for the XF and IQ digital back camera systems.

Made from Delrin for its anti corrosive and weight performance in water, the NiXF housing delivers medium format performance at depths up to 80m.

A revolutionary waist level design fully utilises the XF’s custom configuration potential – allowing the worlds most demanding photographers to take the XF camera system in to the most extreme environments for wildlife, fashion, editorial and action sports.

Features include:
✪ Waist level design with flip up magnifier
✪ 3 point AISI 316 clasp closing mechanism
✪ Dual O ring sealing, with moisture alarm and pre dive vacuum check
✪ Removable anodised aluminium tray mount plate
✪ Adjustable handles with T point mounts
✪ Depth rating 80m
✪ 5 pin flash sync bulkhead
✪ Tripod mount
✪ Bayonet dome mount
✪ Standard 12 month limited warranty

Protective Gear

Specular range the AquaTech protective gear including Sports Housings, Sound Blimps and other protective gear for your camera and hands.

AquaTech Sensory Gloves

These AquaTech Sensory gloves keep your hands warm and in control in harsh environments while still allowing you access to your camera’s controls. Also great for smart phones or other touch screen surfaces.

The construction of the Sensory Glove reflects AquaTech’s engineering excellence! A high-tech fleece lining on the wrist and fingers provides great resistance to cold temperatures that can numb your hands and cause difficulty in operating camera controls.

Silicone nubs cover the palm for superior gripping. The body of the Sensory Glove is made from several panels stitched together instead of a seamless piece of fabric for a better fit to your hand.

For precise camera control, the print face of the thumb and index finger are sealed in a layer of neoprene with a small hole meant to allow you to push your digits through the glove when needed and then retract them to keep warm!

Available in a range of sizes.

AquaTech All Weather Shield – AWS

The AquaTech All Weather Shield is designed to provide your camera equipment with protection against nearly any environment, whether it is rain, salt, sun, dust or snow.

The All Weather Shield is made from three ply Ripstop waterproof breathable fabric. The Ripstop woven face fabric makes it very strong and with exceptional abrasion resistance but at the same time is very light and compacts easily. The fabric is also treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) for excellent water shredding performance.

The adjustable front provides a watertight seal with the lens hood while the securing eyepiece (sold separately) allows weather-proof seal and a clear view through the viewfinder. Each AWS is tape seam sealed offering complete protection against even the harshest environments.


Available in the following models & sizes :

– AWS Primary

– AWS Small, Medium or Large Telephoto

– AWS Small, Medium or Large Extension

– AWS Eyepieces for various camera

AquaTech BASE waterproof sports housing for Canon, Nikon & Sony

The BASE Water Housing kits are customised for a wide range of Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLR cameras.

Each kit contains the Base water housing, one lens port, and a pistol grip trigger with 2-button control for focus and fire. Each kit also comes with a custom camera plate dedicated to the camera the photographer is using for precise placement within the housing.

Included in the Base Series Kit is a water housing with the new Base level back plate, a P-65 Lens Port designed to suit a range of lenses commonly used by water photographers, and a two-button Pistol Grip trigger with dedicated auto focus and shutter release for easy single handed operation. The Base is compatible with AquaTech’s full range of lens ports and accessories including Flash Housings and Pole shutter kits.

  • Depth Rating: 10m
  • Ergonomic Design with Side Handle & Pistol Grip
  • Canon models : 5D Mk II, 5D Mk III, 6D, 7D, 7D Mk II & Rebel range
  • Nikon models : D810, D750, D610, D7200, D5500
  • Sony models : A7 II series

AquaTech Scout Sound Blimps

The Scout Sound Blimps are available for many Canon and Nikon camera and reduces camera shutter noise by over 90%

Built with a polyurethane body and sound damping foam, the AquaTech Sound Blimp is the lightest user friendly blimp on the market.  Designed to work alongside the AquaTech Blimp Tube range to suit your lens choice, and offers full zoom control with no vignetting.

The back plate features a clear viewing window for image review of live view shooting.  A new two button switch for dedicated focus and fire actions is positioned conveniently in a natural shooting position at the front of the Shadow.  Also featuring for, shooting convenience, Monopod / Tripod mounting points on bottom of Shadow, neck strap loops, Pocket Wizard shooting ability, and an easy access single action clip for opening and accessing your camera quickly and quietly.

Controls offered:

  • Playback
  • Rear main dial
  • Shutter
  • Focus