Smart Flex L-Plate

The Smart Flex L-Plate is a bracket that sits on your tripod to enable the photographer to quickly and easily rotate their camera from horizontal to vertical position without having to remove the camera from the tripod.

The L-Pate has 3 combined smart functions :

1. Smart Rotate (Smart HV)
Keep composition when rotating the centre of the lens remains in the same place when either horizontal or vertical. It makes rotation easy, fast, safe and secure.

2. Smart Balance
Quick balance adjustment but adjusting the position of the lens forward or backward. Keeps camera stable when using long or heavy lenses.

3. Smart Pano
Advanced nodal point adjustment Horizontal and vertical camera setup for panoramic shooting.

The L-Plate has a built in Arca Swiss mount plate to attach directly to an Arca Swiss compatible tripod head, or it can be attached to any tripod plate with 3/8″ or 1/4″ screw thread. The 2 locking switches ensure that the plate is secure in both positions.

The Smart Flex L-Plate has plates for a wide range of cameras including:

  • Phase One XF, 645DF+ and 645DF
  • Hasselblad H1, H2, H3D, H4D, H5D
  • Hasselblad V series (500, 501, 503 and more)
  • Leica
  • Nikon D800 and D810
  • Canon 5D Mk III, 5DS and 5DSR

It is a well designed and engineered bracket designed by Sunshine and made in the Netherlands by Cambo.