Phase One IQ1 Series

Phase One IQ1 series digital backs bring superior image quality and functionality to the worlds most demanding photographers.

Phase One are world leaders in image quality and functionality. Their philosophy is to maintain an open platform allowing their digital backs to be adapted to a large range of camera systems and platforms. Phase One medium format digital backs are easily adapted to most large format camera systems and also other specialist applications (technical, rangefinder, view & monorail cameras).

Some of the features that make Phase One systems so successful include :

  • Superior image quality
  • Extremely robust construction
  • No internal fans to create heat or vibration
  • Up to 1 hour noise free exposures on some models
  • Variable resolution on some models
  • Intuitive, four button operation
  • Sleeping architecture – instantly go from sleep to alert (this reduces power consumption)
  • Support for a large range of camera systems
  • Generous upgrade program to newer models
  • Capture One Pro software that also supports common DSLR models for a 1 software workflow

Phase One IQ1 series features

  • 40, 50, 60 or 80 megapixels
  • Full frame 645 sensors (IQ180 & IQ160)
  • Sensor+ variable resolution (IQ140, 160 & 180)
  • 3.2″ 1.15 million pixel high resolution large touch screen
  • Fast capture rate (up to 100 frames/min)
  • Incredible image quality
  • USB 3.0 and Fire 800 interfaces for tethered shooting
  • High ISO and long exposure capabilities (IQ150)

Phase One IQ1 series digital backs are available with models that have CCD (Charged Coupled Devices) sensors or CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Silicon) sensors. The features of each are described below.

Phase One IQ1 series Digital Back with CCD sensors

The Phase One IQ140, IQ160 and IQ180 sport CCD sensor and don’t have an anti-aliasing filter over the front of them meaning that the images are amazingly sharp and provide incredible detail.

These models feature low ISO capabilities (down to 35 ISO on the IQ180) and perform well up to 200 or 400 ISO depending on your lighting conditions and environment. (Heat is the enemy of any digital sensor)

The IQ160 and IQ180 (60 and 80 megapixels respectively) feature full frame 645 sensors meaning that lens focal length ratios are 1:1 and that you can take full advantage of the full field of view with the wide angle lenses available in medium format or technical camera.

The colour depth on the Dalsa CCD sensors in Phase One backs is 16-bit (65,536 levels per channel – 3 channels in RGB) and the dynamic range is between 12.5 and 13 f-stops. This means that your images have

  • incredible colour rendition
  • smooth gradients
  • superior shadow and highlight details in the 1 image

Phase One IQ1 series Digital Back with CMOS sensors

The Phase One IQ150 is houses a 50 megapixel CMOS sensor (from Dalsa) (44x33mm, 1.3 lens factor) that bring new capabilities to medium format digital.

The IQ150 brings the following features :

  • ISO 100 – 6400
  • Video like Live View
  • 14 f-stops dynamic range
  • 14 bits (16,384 levels per channel)
  • Long Exposure up to 60 minutes
  • Faster shooting speeds (1.2 frames per second)
Phase One IQ SeriesIQ180IQ160IQ150IQ140
Lens factor1.
CCD Size mm53.7 x 40.453.9 x 40.444 x 3343.9 x 32.9
pixels10320 x 77528984 x 67328280 x 62087320 x 5484
Pixel size5.2 x 5.2 or 10.4 x 10.4 microns6 x 6 or 12 x 12 microns5.3 x 5.3 microns6.6 x 6.6 microns
Resolution80 or 20 megapixels60.5 or 15 megapixels50 megapixels40 or 10 megapixels
Capture Rate frames/sec0.7 to 0.91.0 to to 1.8
File Size IIQL80MB or 20MB60MB or 18MB50MB44MB or 13MB
File Size IIQS54MB or 14MB38MB or 10MB27MB24MB or 8MB
TIFF 16-bit480MB360MB300MB240MB
8 bit RGB240MB180MB150MB120MB
ISO Sensitivity50-800 or 200-320050-800 or 200-3200100 - 640050-800 or 200-3200
Phase One Sensor+YesYesNoYes
Image Quality16-bit OptiColor+, 12.5 f-stops Dynamic+ and Lens+ technology.14-bit, 14 f.stops Dynamic Range16-bit OptiColor+, 12.5 f-stops Dynamic+
LCD Screen3.2" retina type multi touch screen with 1.15 megapixels 290 ppi(dpi) 16 million colors, 170º viewing angle
View Camera CompatibileYes Yes Yes Yes

Phase One Digital Back technologies explained

Technologies for image quality

Constant innovation by Phase One ensures that you will always deliver the ultimate in image quality to your clients. The following technologies are shared across all platforms.


  • Distortion correction
  • Sharpness fall-off correction
  • Light fall-off correction
  • Vignetting control
  • Provided through Capture One Pro software
  • Manual application of Lens+ is available for lenses that do not provide metadata. This includes older manual focus optics as well as View camera lenses.


  • Less noise at all ISO settings
  • Maximised dynamic range available from each sensor platform
  • Provides high ISO capability at better quality
  • Dynamic+ is built into the P+ digital backs
  • Capture One Pro software further enhances Dynamic+ information for optimal final results


  • Chromatic aberration correction
  • Purple fringing correction

Opticolor+ is an exclusive Phase One technology and provides shadow area colour information unavailable from competing systems

  • Maintains color accuracy and detail in even the darkest shadows
  • Optimises skin tones
  • Optimizes fi les for best reproduction
  • Opticolor+ is built into the P+ digital backs
  • Capture One PRO software further enhances Opticolor+ information for optimal final results

Sensor+ technology (patent pending)
The IQ series (except for 50 megapixel units) and the P 65+ and P 40+ digital backs feature Sensor+ breakthrough innovation for unprecedented versatility in photography. Choose 20 / 15 / 10 megapixel captures for faster workflow and higher sensitivity or 80 / 60.5 / 40 megapixel captures for extreme details. By adding pixels together on the CCD chip, larger pixels are created for increased sensitivity and smaller files. Sensor+ is unique by maintaining full sensor area and image quality while scaling. Your benefits from Sensor+ :

  • No lens factor. True wide angle performance
  • No crop. Full frame captures at 100% or 25% resolution
  • 4 times higher sensitivity in Sensor+ capture mode

XPose+ technology
P 45+ and P 30+ all feature exclusive Phase One XPose+ technology. XPose+ enables noise free exposures up to one hour, unlocking a world of creative options. Your benefits from XPose+ :

  • One hour extreme exposures
  • Limitless for interior, architecture and landscape photography
  • Unique look and techniques, such as light painting
  • Noise free images

IIQ Raw file compression
Intelligent Image Quality RAW, or IIQ RAW, is the name of Phase One’s RAW file format. IIQ RAW is a compact, completely lossless file format that reduces the size of you RAW files. This way you can store more images on the hard drive and fit more images onto client CDs and DVDs. The IIQ RAW file format is optional and can be set up in the Capture One software prior to capture.

The Phase One IIQ raw file technology implemented in IQ and P+ digital backs secures the finest detail in images while ensuring uninterrupted sessions.

  • Lossless compression of RAW files
  • Secure all details and true colors
  • Unlimited burst rate

Disk Checking – 3S secure storage
The 3S technology ensures that your images are secure when shooting to CF cards.

  • Integrity check of CF card
  • Correction of corrupted files
  • Shoot with peace of mind

Phase One digital backs can be fitted to a wide range of cameras

Phase One digital backs are compatible with a wide range of cameras and formats. These include :

  • Phase One 645DF+, 645DF and 645AF (P+ only)
  • Mamiya 645 AFD, AFD II, ADF III, 645DF
  • Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID
  • Mamiya RB 67
  • Contax 645 AF
  • Hasselblad H4X, H2, H1 (Fuji GX645)
  • Hasselblad 5xx series (500C, 500CM, 503CX, 503CXi, 501C, 503CW, 501CM, 553ELX, 555ELD)
  • Hasselblad SWC
  • Fuji GX 680 I, II, III
  • Bronica ETR-S
  • Bronica SQ-A
  • Most 5×4 cameras including Arca-Swiss, Cambo, Horseman / Sinar, Linhof, Toyo, Rollei, Universal Graflok and many others.
  • Most medium format 679 view cameras are also supported.
  • Cambo Wide DS and Cambo Wide RS
  • Horseman SWD and Horseman SWD II Pro
  • Alpa 12 TC, Alpa 12 Metric, Alpa 12 WA, Alpa 12 SWA, Alpa 12 MAX, Alpa XY

Compatible Bodies & Lenses

Phase One 645DF+ / 645DF

the above with the following lenses

  • Schneider Leaf Shutter Lenses
  • Phase One Digital Series focal plane Lenses
  • Mamiya 645 Auto Focus Lenses
  • Hartblei Tilt-Shift Lens
  • Hasselblad V lenses (with adapter)
  • Mamiya Manual Focus (TL) Lenses


Phase One 645AF

the above with the following lenses

  • Phase One Digital Series focal plane Lenses
  • Mamiya 645 Auto Focus Lenses
  • Hartblei Tilt-Shift Lens
  • Hasselblad V lenses (with adapter)
  • Mamiya Manual Focus (TL) Lenses


Mamiya 645AFD, AFDII, AFD III and 645DF

the above with the following lenses

  • Phase One Digital Series focal plane Lenses
  • Mamiya 645 Auto Focus Lenses
  • Hartblei Tilt-Shift Lens
  • Hasselblad V lenses (with adapter)
  • Mamiya Manual Focus (TL) Lenses

Mamiya RZ67 ProIID, Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with RZ or RB Lenses

Contax 645 with Contax 645 lenses

Hasselblad H5X, H4X, H2, H1 and Fuji GX645 with Hasselblad HC lenses or Fuji GX645 Fujinon lenses (HCD lenses can be used with the H5X and H4X)


  • Fuji GX680
  • Cambo Wide RS, DS, and Compact with Schneider and Rodenstock Digital lenses
  • Alpa 12 SWA, Max, STC and TC with Schneider and Rodenstock Digital lenses
  • ARCA-SWISS RM3di (and others) with Schneider and Rodenstock Digital lenses
  • Horseman SWD and SWD II Pro with Schneider and Rodenstock Digital lenses
  • Traditional 4×5 view cameras with Schneider and Rodenstock Large format and Digital lenses (with view camera)
  • Modern digital view cameras with Schneider and Rodenstock Large format and Digital lenses (with view camera)

… and many more

Some questions often asked about Phase One IQ products

What type of warranty is offered?

One warranty covers both your body, your Phase One or Schneider lenses and your digital back. That means total piece of mind for the photographer.

There are 2 types of warranties offered :

Classic – 12 month warranty (IQ series backs and 645DF+ camera)

This is a standard 1 year warranty covering your Phase One product from defects. It is a return to base warranty. No loan equipment is provided.

For complete details download the Phase One Classic Warranty guide.

Do I have to have a “paired” backup body?

Some other digital back brands require that the body and back be “paired” together electronically. This means that with other camera systems you may need to send your system into the factory in order to order a backup or replacement body. With the Phase One digital backs you can purchase an extra body at any time. In the case of a Phase One 645DF+ camera you could purchase a Phase One 645DF as a less expensive backup body with a high level of compatibility.

Will Phase One continue to support other bodies besides the new Phase One branded body?

Absolutely. Phase One is dedicate to providing solutions on a variety of platforms. Phase One backs can be used with dozens of camera setups. Contact us for more details.