Hasselblad H5X camera body

Some years ago when Imcon (a digital back manufacturer) and Hasselblad “merged”, the new Hasselblad soon introduced the H3D system and closed it’s system so that you could only buy back and body as a matched kit, and you could not use use a Hasselblad H3 with any other manufacturers digital back. This obviously aggrevated the Hasselblad users and general photography community, whilst companies like Phase One still committed to an open-platfom approach to the products they provided.

Since this process Hasselblad have also release a series of HCD lenses what would not work with Hasselblad H1 and H2 (or Fuji GX645) cameras. Again this upset existing users of Hasselblad H1 & H2 camera systems.

Well with the recent sale of Hasselblad and the new management brought in by that process, Hasselblad have changed their minds (a little) and have decided to create a Hasselblad H4X and then an H5X camera that is compatible with 3rd party digital backs (that are H mount).

The Hasselblad H5X is a camera body delivered with the CR-123 lithium battery grip, and without viewfinder. It is offered solely as a trade-in product in return for an H1, H2 or H2F camera body.

Hasselblad include the option for adding a new viewfinder with the purchase: either HV 90x-II with magnification matching the large 60 megapixel or 80 megapixel sensors, or HVD 90x matching the 36x48mm or smaller sensors.

The H5X camera body is build upon a H5D camera unit with a DRIVE button instead of the ISO/WB button, which requires tight integration with the digital back.

The firmware is tailored for the H1/H2/H2F, and it offers the following new functionality:

  • support for all H System lenses, including the HCD 28mm, HCD 35-90mm with the limitation of a slight performance decrease at edges when used with a 60 megapixel or 80 megapixel sensor.
  • support for TrueFocus

Questions regarding the Hasseblad H5X

Can I buy the new H5X body without a trade in?
Yes. Unlike the Hasselblad H4X which required you to trade-in an older  H1/H2/H2F camera that was returned to Hasselblad, the Hasselblad H5X can be purchased outright.

Is there a list of compatibility of the new H5X body with 3rd party backs?
The H5X camera has the same compatibility as the H1/H2 cameras to 3rd party digital backs. A back that worked on H1/H2 will also work on the H5X.

Does the H5X body come with a viewfinder?
All viewfinders on the H1/H2/H2F bodies are compatible with the new H5X. However, we know that some may like to update their viewfinders to match the current sensor, and can be purchased at a special price (when purchasing the H5X).

Will lens corrections work with my non-Hasselblad digital back?
You will not get the Hasselblad lens corrections, as the lens corrections are guided by the facilities offered by the chosen 3rd party back.

I use Capture One software. Will there be a plug-in for lens corrections?
You will have the lens corrections as offered by Capture One, in connection with your Phase or Leaf back only.

Can I use the Hasselblad HCD 28mm lens with my H5X?

Can I use the Hasselblad HCD 35-90mm zoom lens with my H5X?

Will I be able to use any new HCD lenses with my Phase One or Leaf digial backs?
Yes. Please note that the HCD lenses are designed for a slightly smaller format than the 60/80 MPixel sensors and some image corner quality degradation can be noticed in some cases. For most applications this will be difficult or impossible to notice.

Can I use film backs? e.g. will it be compatible with HM 16/32 film magazines?

Can I use the CF adapter?

Can I use the HTS adapter on the H5X with a Phase One or Leaf digital back?
Yes. However, please note that the advanced lens corrections performed by Phocus software in combination with the metadata logged during the HTS use, is not available for 3rd party backs.

Are battery and charger included with the H5X body?
The camera is delivered with the CR-123 Battery grip. You can of course purchase the rechargeable battery grip or the DC Power Grip and use it with the H5X camera. Please note, that none of these batteries power the 3rd party digital back.

Will the battery in the body power my digital back?
No, but of course the 3rd party digital back has its own power source.

How can I upgrade the firmware of the body in the future?
Software can be upgraded at a local Hasselblad service centre. Contact your local dealer for more details.

How do I match the viewfinder magnification to my sensor?
The HV 90x and HV-90x-II are designed for the full film format and will work best for film and the 60/80 MPixel sensors. The HVD-90x is designed for the 36x48mm format and suits the 22/39/40/50 MPixel sensors. These two viewfinders and the waist level viewfinder are all available for purchase.

Will the functionality of the new H5X match that of the H5Dxx?
Functionality of the H5X includes, True Focus and all the other functionality not related to full integration. For example, the ISO/WB function button has been replaced with a ‘drive’ button on the H5X, and will therefore need to be set manually on the 3rd party back.

Will True Focus work with my 3rd party back?
Yes. The unique qualities of True Focus will work without any limitation on the H5X, as it functions exclusively between the H5D body and any Hasselblad lens.