Phase One iXG Camera System

Cultural institutions have the staggering task of achieving perfection in the preservation of their collections. Phase One delivers to the need for intelligent capture solutions built to process high volume digitization programs with speed and accuracy. The Industrial Imaging team at Phase One have developed a configurable solution that provides an ergonomic and efficient workflow, resilient hardware, and Phase One’s patent imaging capabilities. The result is the iXG Camera System: a system designed with up to 100- megapixel quality, durability and ease of use in mind, and a new version of Capture One Cultural Heritage software fitting the iXG into digitization projects where efficiency counts.

The iXG Camera System is designed with ease of use in mind, reliability, flexibility and with phenomenally sharp imaging capabilities up to 100MP to ensure accurate recording of the finest cultural artifacts. In combination with the Phase One 2Motion Copy Stand, this capture solution quickly switches between large and small originals, and with the Phase One Film Capture Stage, film and glass plates are readily digitized.

The configuration of the iXG solutions go hand-in-hand with the Capture One Cultural Heritage software. Highlights of the new Cultural Heritage edition include: Automated capture of negative film, auto-crop with pre-pass optimization and auto-alignment for flat art, books and transparencies; plus robust, ready-made ICC profiles for reproduction.

iXG System Features & Highlights

Colour Accuracy & Superior Detail

The iXG Camera System uses CMOS sensors in both the iXG 100MP and iXG 50MP models to ensure the highest resolution and lowest noise levels. These sensors produce the most accurate colors and minute details, enabling accurate reproduction for all CH cultural heritage applications. The degree of detail, quality and accuracy of color is crucial for the accurate reproduction of precious books, artworks etc. The iXG 100MP Achromatic model uses the all new Sony 100MP Achromatic sensor, combining the highest possible resolution and class- leading wide spectrum sensitivity that are so desired for specialized applications such as multi-spectral and NIR (Near Infra-Red) imaging.

Schneider Kreuznach Optics

The iXG Camera utilizes integrated Flat Field Optics with the 72mm and 120mm Schneider Kreuznach lenses. This compatibility addresses the needs of flat copy work, particularly useful for libraries, archives, and universities, for example. The Schneider Kreuznach lens design in combination with the digital lens perfection of Capture One CH, offers the highest quality in terms of resolution, flatness, sharpness, distortion and color required for the most demanding reproduction applications.

Industrial Durability

The iXG Camera System is designed to work hard and to last. It offers industrial build quality, made with aerial-grade aluminium and using the most durable mechanical and electronic components available today. The Reliance Shutter’s longevity comes with a guarantee of one million actuations. And with the iXG 100MP in electronic shutter mode, you can achieve an unlimited number of shutter actuations.

Precision Focus Control

With the iXG Camera System you get precise, accurate and smooth motor driven focusing. Position-recording of the lens and camera ensures optimum focus accuracy. Precision focus control with both manual and preset positioning, and contrast-based autofocus sets distance and resolution parameters accurately and reliably. This paves the way for automated setting up of camera position and focus for a specific job in terms of document size and capture resolution.

Scientific Tools

The iXG Camera System is designed to be an open platform for new accessories needed for imaging applications by both existing and new customer segments. For example, with the addition of accessory lighting and ltering, the wide spectrum, infrared, and multi-spectral capabilities of the iXG meet the highest standards required. These iXG capabilities also open the door to sequential imaging and computational imaging, required for both multi-spectral and 3D applications.

Capture One CH Software Integration

The full integration of hardware with our customized Capture One Cultural Heritage software yields an efficient professional workflow and precision results. Through the software, there is complete camera control, reliable performance and expertly crafted RAW conversion algorithms. Disciplines for auto-cropping and aligning of both documents and books is a huge time saver, as is the automated work flow for scanning of negative film.

Download the Phase One Cultural Heritage Solution Guide 
Phase One Cultural Heritage Solution Guide (5MB)

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