Reproduction for Cultural & Heritage

Digital Transitions DT BC100 Book Capture System

The Cultural Heritage world is diverse, with many different needs and challenges. For this reason Specular provide reproduction solutions from Phase One, Digital Transitions, and Kaiser who offer modular and configurable solutions, which can be tailored to all specific needs.

The need for digitization is rapidly growing, with increasing focus on public access, research and preservation of information for the future. Many museums, libraries, and archives are expanding their digitization efforts, with exciting possibilities for researchers made available by the rapid growth of digital access. The era of preservation-grade mass digitization programs is not “coming soon” – it is here.

Tailor made solutions for reproduction

All Cultural Heritage collections are unique and diverse. Common cultural heritage collections include:

• Flat Materials

• Rare books & bound material

• Transparent material and film scanning

• 3D Objects

Specular consult to provide solutions that can be specific or diverse, depending on the diversity of the collection and quantities to be captured.

Our solutions revolve around a RAW workflow. Some solutions involve the following products :

DT RGC3040 Copy Stand – a modern copy stand built for preservation grade digitization. Manufactured from aerospace aluminum to 0.005” tolerances it holds its planarity and alignment through years of use.

DT RGC180 Reprographic Capture Cradle – the ultimate integration of book capture and reprographic technology..

DT BC100 Book Scanning system – the only true 48 bit, production-grade, conservation friendly book scanning system on the market. It meets the stringent demands of cultural institutions, providing the highest image quality, speed, and reliability needed to capture a wide variety of bound and loose material — all while protecting the originals.

DT RCam reproduction camera – A camera that combines with Phase One IQ digital backs, purpose built for programmatic digitization projects.

Read more about some of the solutions that we provide. Download the product brochure
Phase One Cultural & Heritage range June 2016 (pdf) (20MB)

Read more about the Phase One IQ backs here.

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Phase One iXG Reproduction Camera System

The Phase One iXG is a fully integrated, industrial grade digital camera system enabling a highly productive solution for digitization, fine art reproduction and diverse industrial applications.

  • Mirror-free System – more rugged and robust
  • Integrated Flat Field Optics
  • Superior Color And Detail
  • Precision Focus Control
  • Efficient Workflow using Capture One CH software

Learn more about the Phase One iXG System

Phase One XF Camera & IQ3 Digital Backs

The Phase One XF is the worlds leading medium format camera platform. Paired with the renowned Phase One IQ3 series backs, the XF creates a formidable solution that has been deployed to countless cultural institutions around the world.

The modular design and wide range of interoperable lenses make it a great choice for organisations with diverse capture needs.

Learn more about the Phase One XF Camera

Capture One CH Software

Image Capture & Processing

Capture One is a professional capture, RAW conversion and image editing software which has been optimized for shooting with Phase One camera systems. Together with the Phase One camera system, it delivers the world’s highest image quality with excellent color and detail. It contains all of the essential tools for high-end performance in one package to enable you to capture, adjust, organize, edit and process images in a fast, flexible and efficient workflow.

Phase One Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Phase One SDK provides a set of tools which enables building custom applications for image capturing and processing with Phase One camera system files. With the Phase One SDK, your developers have a high degree of control over capture and processing parameters for images produced by Phase One camera systems. For instance, you can set accurately timed capture intervals and batch process a set of files with specific parameters (e.g. exposure + 1, white balance at 5500 Kelvin).