Capture One Pro 10 – The Professional Image Workflow Solution

Capture Your Creativity and Deliver Superior Image Quality

Capture One Pro 10 gives imaging professionals the tools they need to work at the highest level of performance.

With the ability to render precise colors and incredible detail, and support for leading professional cameras, Capture One is the industry standard for image workflows. It contains flexible digital asset management, outstanding adjustment tools, and responsive performance in one customisable and integrated solution.

Advantages of Capture One Pro 10

  • Best in class RAW processing engine
  • Support for Phase One, Leaf and Mamiya digital backs, and professional DSLR cameras
  • Tethered shooting for digital backs and professional DSLR systems
  • Interact with images using iPad or iPhone using Capture Pilot™
  • Create local adjustment layers while working in RAW for a non-destructive workflow
  • Control Profoto AIR flash systems from within Capture One Pro
  • Luma curves and local adjustment curves
  • Sortable keywords and libraries

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What’s new in Capture One Pro 10

Capture One Pro 10 has been upgraded to perform even better, and provides the ultimate workflow solution for the worlds best photographers.

  • Faster browsing, zooming, panning, and switching of images
  • New default workspace for a more intuitive experience
  • Three-stage image sharpening; lens, creative, and output sharpening
  • Full on-screen proofing capabilities
  • Integration with Tangent panel editing systems
  • Camera focus tool for tethered cameras

Full on-screen proofing

It is simple to now engage proofing with a dedicated menu button.

Photographers on set with clients can now show how images will appear under output conditions from the moment of capture.

Shooting for online store? You can now preview how the colour and texture of a garment will render with the demands of your clients resolution, colour space, and compression requirements.

Integration with Tangent panels

Inspired by video grading processes, users can now access Capture One Pro 10 tools directly through the hardware interface of a Tangent panel.

Tangent Ripple 3Q front copy-new

This allows for deep dive color and image adjustment; allowing fast, multiple input commands simultaneously, while viewing the master monitor as the editor “feels” input into the application.

Three stage image sharpening

This update adds new sharpening capacities that suit multiple imaging requirements. On capture or import lens diffraction sharpening addresses optical inconsistencies.

For creative sharpening new algorithms apply superior levels of control to the look of sharpening, and these can be applied as local adjustments.

Capture One Pro 10 now includes smart output sharpening that can adjust for not just file format but also planned viewing distance. Whether your output is for screen, gallery wall, or a billboard, you can be sure to achieve appropriate output sharpening.

The worlds best photographers rely on Capture One for its class leading RAW image processing and colour rendition that delivers precise and repeatable results. Capture One is developed for professionals who shoot every day and need the right tools to deliver the quality that clients demand.

To upgrade to Capture One Pro 10, email now or call us on 03 9091 2111

If you have purchased Capture One Pro 9 since 1st November 2016 you are entitled to a free upgrade. Email us for details.