Do what you do best. Faster.

Designed with the world’s most ambitious photographers, Capture One offers an unmatched processing power for a smooth and fast experience.

Capture One 12 furthers Phase One’s commitment to providing unparalleled RAW editing, with unmatched tethering, colour handling and precise editing on images captured with any of more than 500 different camera models.

Advantages of Capture One Pro 12

  • Best in class RAW processing engine
  • Re-designed interface and better organised menus
  • Faster performance
  • Advanced masking tools
  • Fujifilm film simulation support
  • New cameras including the latest Nikon and Canon mirrorless and the Fuji GFX
  • Tethered shooting for digital backs and professional DSLR systems
  • Interact with images using iPad or iPhone using Capture Pilot™
  • Advanced non-destructive layer workflow with incredible masking features
  • Luma curves and local adjustment curves
  • Wider AppleScript support and a new plug-in ecosystem

To upgrade to Capture One Pro 12 email Specular
or call  Melbourne – 03 9091 2111, or Sydney – 02 7922 3833

Workflow enhancements

A re-designed interface
Capture One is now easier to use during long editing sessions and tool discovery, experimentation, and customisability easier than ever. New icons better convey tool function.

Revamped menu system
Every menu has been re-organised based on its logical function, and the Mac and Windows versions are now the same.

Extended AppleScript
Even more Capture One Pro functions are addressable in AppleScript so high-volume studios can create very fast workflow shortcuts. Talk to us if you would like more info about what is possible.

Keyboard Shortcut management
Capture One is known for its ability to custom-assign and custom-configure virtually every task to a keyboard shortcut. Users can now search by the specific menu command, or by the assigned keyboard shortcut, making it easy to find and manage shortcuts.

To address the needs of photographers and creatives looking to share, edit and collaborate on their images, the Capture One plug-inecosystem opens up for powerful third-party extensions.

This is only the beginning.

Next Level Layers

Masking tools have been significantly improved. With more tools available locally and increased performance in masking, Layers in Capture One are now more dynamic than ever. Get ready for a significantly more powerful layer workflow

Luma masks
Luminosity masking opens up an incredible range of editing possibilities, from selective tonal adjustments to precise color grading. The new Luma Range tool allows you to quickly create masks based on the brightness of pixels in an image and is the most powerful luminance masking tool of its kind. Apply shadow recovery to only the darkest shadows or add clarity to the lightest parts of the image.

Unlike a brush-made mask, Luma Range tool adjustments can be applied from one image to another, and the mask will be based on the luminance of each image. The masks created with the tool can easily be tweaked and modified at any point in the workflow.

Linear Gradient Mask
Make smooth gradients on Layers to apply a soft linear fall-off to any adjustment. Make smooth transitions into the sky or use gradients for other effects. Rotate, feather and adjust masks with a flexibility never before possible.

Capture One 12 takes gradient masks to the next level, allowing for transformable, even asymmetric, gradient masks. Using a brand-new parametric masking engine, Capture One allows for transforming the size, shape, and symmetry of the masks, truly redefining the possibilities of linear gradients in Capture One.

Radial Gradient Mask
Adjust, rotate and move Radial Masks after creation for extreme control over desired effects. Using the same parametric masking engine as the Linear Gradient mask tool, the new Radial Gradient Mask enables quick, flexible radial masks, useful for vignette and other adjustments with a soft falloff effect.

The worlds best photographers rely on Capture One for its class leading RAW image processing and colour rendition that delivers precise and repeatable results. Capture One is developed for professionals who shoot every day and need the right tools to deliver the quality that clients demand.

To upgrade to Capture One Pro 12 email Specular
or call Melbourne – 03 9091 2111, or Sydney – 02 7922 3833