The Phase One iXU cameras are the world’s smallest and lightest integrated digital medium format aerial cameras.

Phase One’s iXU aerial cameras answer the needs of users looking for dependable, small, light-weight, medium format aerial cameras at a reasonable price. With a choice of 100 megapixel or 50 megapixel CMOS-based sensor as well as 80 MP, 60 MP and 60 MP achromatic CCD-based sensors, a solution is available for standalone use, building a compact array for oblique/nadir photography or for medium format photography from a UAV, drone or light aircraft.

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The Phase One iXU1000, iXU 180, iXU 160 and iXU 160 Achromatic cameras are built to provide high resolution in a small and light camera. The 100 megapixel CMOS sensor offer 11,608 pixel cross tracker coverage while the  CCD sensor offers up to 10,328 cross track coverage in a camera that weighs less than 950 grams. The iXU series use Schneider-Kreuznach fast sync lenses with internal electronically controlled leaf shutters to provide the image quality expected from a dedicated aerial photography camera.

  • 100 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 80 MP, 60 MP or 60 achromatic CCD sensors
  • up to 11,608 pixels in cross track coverage
  • Forward Motion Compensation
  • ISO 50-6400 (iXU1000 CMOS model), dynamic range of >84db
  • ISO 35 to 800 (CCD models – depending on model)
  • Capture rate of 1.45 to 1.6 seconds per frame (depending on model)
  • Direct connectivity with FMS, GPS/IMU
  • Files include IMU and GPS data
  • USB 3.0 connection to host computer
  • Synchronized shutter release for multiple camera installation
  • Internal storage: support up to 128 GB CF card
  • Low weight: 930 g, 1.43 kg with an 80 mm lens
  • Small footprint
  • Choice of six Schneider-Kreuznach lenses with central leaf shutters
  • Industrial designed with robust camera connectivity to stabilized mounts
  • Secure lens bayonet
  • Choice of software options


The Phase One iXU offers reliability and versatility for users looking for a full-featured medium format aerial camera. Easily integrated into existing or new setups, the camera offers maximum connectivity with systems for:

  • Mapping
  • Oil & Gas pipelines monitoring
  • Critical infrastructure inspection
  • Power line monitoring
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Wind turbine blade inspection
  • Disaster site monitoring and mapping
  • Arctic research
  • Iceberg monitoring
  • Forestry, vegetation identification, agriculture crop monitoring
  • Hydrometric mapping
  • Asset management
  • 3D modeling
  • Entertainment and game market

Multiple camera configuration

The Phase One iXU1000 features a 100 MP SMOS sensor for an impressive 11,608 pixels cross-track coverage, yet is so small that its body is barely wider than its lens barrel. Weighing in at less than 950 grams, the iXU1000 can be used as a standalone photogrammetric camera, or as part of an array of multiple cameras, either to cover a larger swath or as part of an oblique camera system.

3D City Models

With the increasingly popular high-resolution 3D city models, users require medium format cameras that can be integrated into small oblique systems that can fit inside a gyro mount. Owners of ultralight planes or gyro copters are now able to build an oblique system and insert it into a smaller belly hole with less interaction with the hull of the aircraft, which means an easier path to obtaining a supplemental type certificate (STC).

Achromatic version

The Phase One iXU 160 is available as an achromatic version that has been optimized for aerial photogrammetric applications and offers high sensitivity to visible light, including UV and IR ranges. The iXU 160 Achromatic’s increased light sensitivity also delivers a base ISO of 200, enabling an enhanced ISO range of 200-3200. The iXU 160 Achromatic enables NIR digital photogrammetry for Phase One aerial systems. Used in single camera configuration, the iXU 160 Achromatic offers excellent IR visibility.
When used in dual-camera configuration, in conjunction with a color filter array sensor used in the iXU 160 and iXU 180, the iXU 160 Achromatic captures NIR images which can be combined with RGB images to create co-registered four-band (RGBN) imagery.

Phase One iXU Aerial Drone