About Specular

Combining technology with passion for image perfection.

At Specular in Melbourne, we are taking the best products available and combining them to create unique, specialist tools for professional photographers. Quality, reliability and functionality are what we focus on and our aim is to be able to pick from the best of breed products to provide the best solutions. Let’s face it, every photographer in Australia has their own preferred methods and philosophies, at Specular we are a source of solutions designed especially for individual photographers needs.

We are the place for high-end digital photographic consultation, sales, rental, training and support.

Our key brands and products include :

  • Profoto Lighting equipment
  • Phase One digital backs and camera systems
  • Mamiya Leaf digital backs and camera systems
  • Hasselblad camera systems
  • Technical camera systems such as Cambo, Alpa and Arca-Swiss
  • Large format 5×4 camera systems
  • Canon, Nikon & Sony Digital SLRs
  • Apple workstations, laptops, servers, software and accessories
  • Eizo Colour Managed Displays
  • Storage systems
  • Bags and cases from Tenba, ThinkTank, Pelican, and HPRC
  • X-rite Colour Management equipment and software
  • A huge range of accessories including, Cards and Card readers,¬†USB & Firewire cables and adaptors

Our goal is to partner with our clients to help them succeed with the technology required for photography.

Why buy from us :

  • Experience – We have real world experience & expertise
  • Advice you can trust – We have detailed knowledge of the products available and good techniques
  • Good deals – We offer attractive pricing
  • Support – We stand behind our sales and offer top-notch support

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The team at Specular

Rory Shinners

Rory has been involved in selling professional digital photography systems since 1998 in the days of the Kodak DCS460 – 6 megapixel digital SLR systems. In his time at icorp, under the guidance of Tim Handfield, Rory was involved in establishing a strong Phase One medium format digital sales and support base.

His 20+ years of consulting and design of workflow systems based on the Apple platform, ensures sound and balanced advice when discussing the options and configurations of any Apple solution.

Rory’s passion for digital photography and the desire to service the high end of photography and imaging saw the creation of Specular in 2006. Today Rory is recognised as an authority in Digital Photography, but especially in medium format digital. Rory’s training in Capture One Pro and Digital operating is highly sought and are equipping photographers and digital operators with the skills and knowledge to get the most out of the products that they own or use.

The Team at Specular is made up of highly knowledgable and technically skilled people who focus on working closely with photographers to provide them with the equipment, tools, and training to help them succeed.

Rory’s focus is for Specular to be a company dedicated to the supply of equipment and support for professional photographers and imaging specialists throughout¬†Australia.

Contact Specular

phone: 03 9091 2111
fax: 03 9091 2104

international: +61 3 9091 2111

email: click here